Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is the email I just sent to @ev and @biz regarding @twitter 's support problems

I've been a member of Twitter almost two years now and I, like the rest of the membership, have not had an easy time. We've put up with lost tweets, database issues, lost followers, and several server outages. But, during that time, Twitter has always been somewhat responsive to our needs.

That's changed.

Now, getting support from Twitter on issues - even issues that are several months old, has become near impossible. Emails go unanswered, @ messages are ignored, and all avenues for support seem to have been ignored.

I just sent the email below to both Ev and Biz at Twitter. While I doubt it's going to make any impact at all, I think it expresses the feelings of many Twitter users.


Over the course of the last few years, Twitter has had its share of problems. Loyal users have stuck with the service, not because we didn't think there were any alternatives, but because we really felt connected to Twitter and felt like Twitter cared about its customers. Lately, the plummeting quality of customer service is making quite a few loyal users, myself included, rethink our devotion to Twitter.

Support emails go unanswered.
Get Satisfaction posts are ignored.
Issues go unresolved for months.

This is not quality customer support guys. I know that the Twitter team is focused on building a revenue modal but, understand that, users are going to be the key to that revenue modal and, if you alienate them now, they won't be loyal when it comes to ponying up cash - even if it's to advertisers. I know I wouldn't be.

Get a customer service program in place. It's not difficult. A few dedicated support personell under a good customer service manager is all you need. Engage the community again because, it's slowly slipping away.

Anthony Papillion (@cajuntechie)"


pattykaye said...

As always very well said.