Sunday, June 14, 2009

This moment will be remembered forever

As the post election situation unfolds in Iran, it is becoming painfully obvious how deeply and strongly the Iranian people want freedom. Held hostage by their own government for years, the people are now finding their voice in what is perhaps the most critical and important crossroads in their long and proud history.

This day, it doesn't matter if we are Iranian, American, black, white, Christian, or Muslim. It only matters that we are all brothers and sister supporting our brothers and sisters fighting for their freedom. In the end, our individual differences and whether this resistance won or lost won't matter and won't be long remembered. Generations will pass and stories will be told of the heros made today. But, what will be remembered is that on this day, at this time, at this very moment, a nation found its voice and sought its freedom. May their voice never be silenced again.

Allah O Akbar, brothers and sisters.
May God be with you all.