Monday, June 15, 2009

Proxy server set up to help Iranian protestors under heavy attack #iranelection #iran9

As of 8:45pm ET on 6/16/09 the proxy server we set up to help Iranian protesters reach the Internet has been under heavy attack from what we believe to be pro-Iranian government sympathizers or, possibly, the Iranian government itself. The connections coming into the server all been from within a specific block of IP addresses originating in both China and Russia and have largely tried to load the same pages over and over.

For now, we've restricted the proxy to only those connections actually originating in Iran. It was set up to serve the people of Iran and we will maintain it to do so. We hope to withstand this current attack and keep the server up and running as long as we can. I encourage anyone with a few extra minutes and some extra bandwidth to spare to take time to setup their own server. For help, email me.