Sunday, June 14, 2009

How you can help the Iranian protesters

I've been following the IranElection Twitter Trending topic all day long and I've repeatedly seen tweets expressing a desire to help but not knowing what to do. As the country nears time for a major demonstration later this afternoon (4pm local Iranian time), I expect the government to clamp down hard on the internet. They won't shut it off, but they're going to try to censor and control what goes in and what comes out of Iran.

At this critical juncture, one of the main ways you can help, even if you're not a technical person, is to help make sure the Iranian protesters have access to the internet and the most effective way you can do that is to setup and run a proxy server.

Proxy servers act as 'go betweens' between a users computer and the end site they're trying to reach. They work because, when a government blocks a site, users can connect to proxy servers which fetch the site for them. That way, users have access to a site even if it's blocked.

In the video above, I show you how to setup a proxy server using the 3 user evaluation version of CC proxy. While 3 users might not sound like a lot, in a time when unfiltered access to the web is needed, it could be a lifesaver.

In order to setup your proxy server, you will need:

1. An evaluation copy of CCProxy
2. A working internet connection
3. About 10 minutes to set it all up

Watch the video above and it'll walk you through the steps you need to perform to get your server up and running.

Good luck to everyone in Iran and thank those of you who decide to help by setting up a proxy.


happy tic said...

any equivalent OSX software?

myislanduniverse said...

Thanks, Anthony! I'll be reposting this.

myislanduniverse said...

FYI, Facebook is blocking the link to this blogpost as "offensive to some users." Cute, huh?

Russ said...

Nice video explanation. I have only one question and that's what address do we pass on to the potential users in Iran so they can utilize it? I'm new at proxy server setup but don't we need an address to pass on to them?


myislanduniverse said...

Russ -- @StopAhmadi on Twitter is requesting that they be direct messaged all the proxy addresses people set up.

Russ said...

Thanks, I'm heading over to StopAhmadi now.

Riad Soussi-Gagnon said...

Hi, thanks for this post. I've done all this but I don't know what information I need to give to @StopAhmadi on Twitter. Where do I get those numbers or information I need to provide them with? Thanks

schmappel said...

Here's instructions on how to setup tinyproxy on ubuntu/debian:

Craig said...

I'll try once again to post this.
What us novices need is, once we have used CCproxy to set up proxy, then we need to know: what is the number (address) that we have set up in order to notify @stopAhmadi
that is what we need. Thanks very much, we only want to help.

Anthony Papillion said...


You need to pass your PUBLIC IP address. That is the address that is visible to the internet. If you are behind a router, you will need to go to This will give you your PUBLIC IP address.

Once you have that, go to your routers configuration and find PORT FORWARDING. Forward whatever port you setup your proxy to listen on to the machine that has the proxy server. For example, if your public IP is and you setup your proxy on your laptop which has a private IP of on port 2100, forward port 2100 on your router to

If you have problems, email me, I'll help.