Monday, June 15, 2009

How Twitter users can help in the Iranian resistance. #iranelection #iran

There have been widespread reports that the Iranian government has been tracking and shutting down Twitter users in Iran who've been instrumental in getting information into and out of the country concerning the political unrest there. The government is monitoring Twitter closely and are actively engaged in sabotage. It is imperative that we assist in protecting the protesters in Iran by helping to confuse or at least slow down the governments efforts.

Here's my suggested course of action:

1. Change your Twitter profile. Select timezone +3:30 - Tehran and set your location as Iran.

2. Change your Bio to something that has to do with the current conflict.

3. Anything you retweet from an Iranian source DO NOT use the RT tag. Instead, tweet it as your own. This way, the government will have no way of knowing where the tweet came from. Yes, this could cause some minor problems, but protecting the protesters is of prime importance right now.

In addition, I've gotten a few emails reporting that the government has began attacking proxy servers that are being used to help protesters reach the net. We need to begin to compile a list of known government IP address and every single proxy server needs to block those addresses from connecting. Internet access MUST remain open to the protesters.

The government of Iran isn't going to give in easily, folks, but through perseverence and standing together we can push through change. Stand with our Iranian brothers and sisters and force the dictator out!


Eulipion said...

Before I RT, is there a source (news, not network) on attacks on US proxies?

Anthony Papillion said...

Unfortunately, I've not seen this anywhere in the news. I've been in contact with a few other people running proxy servers and they indicated attacks from Iranian gov IP's.

Trying to confirm as I type this.