Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How DARE we not be moved to action? #iranelection #gr88 #wakeupworld

It's often very easy for use to sit by and shake our heads at the tragady happening around the world. Places like Iran seem so far away, how could they really effect our lives? But the question could be raised "are we our brothers keeper?" and, if so, how can we sit by and watch the brutal massacre of a people who want nothing more than the simple things you and I enjoy?

I've been involved in working to support the Iranian fight for freedom since the beginning of the protests last weekend. I've watched and listened to countless stories both from new friends with loved ones in Iran and through the traditional media who just seem to have caught on to the horror playing out for these brave people. But, of all the stories I've heard and all the people I've spoken with, few have touched me like this interview between CNN and an Iranian woman who experienced first hand the brutality that the government is raining down on its own people.

Folks, if you think this doesn't effect you; if you think this doesn't matter to your life or your freedom or your world, think again. This is a fight that the Iranian people MUST win because they are fighting for nothing less than the soul of their country.

Over the last few days, with so much negative information coming out of Iran, I've been discouraged and started to wonder if we were all fighting a losing battle: the protesters, the activist, those who care. But, after watching this video, I am absolutely certain that we are doing the right thing and we must continue without wavering, without blinking, and without backing down.

This is the Iranian peoples time.
We must help them seize it.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, your time is at hand.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, you are a DISGRACE to Islam and to your people. Your lust for power and the control of your people is shameful and Allah will have a special place in hell for you. May you rot there for the life of every single person you've allowed to die in this conflict, for every single drop of blood that was shed, and for every person who's freedom you've denied.

Allahu Akbar!