Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hackers seize control of two Iranian government computers #iranelection #iran

UPDATE 7:43am ET:
According to the hacker, they have breached a 'sensitive' computer within the Iranian government and will share important information as they find it. Their attack on the governments computer network continues, undetected.

At about 6:15am ET I was contacted by someone claiming to work within the Iranian government and who was allegedly attempting, along with a small group, to breach a major Iranian computer network that's used to monitor and filter internet access inside Iran. The hacker obviously knew a lot about the technology in use by the government including software names, IP addresses, actual machine locations, and other important information that would aid any would-be sabateur in their quest.

I've exchanged a few Twitter messages with this person over the last hour and it appears they have now gained control of two Iranian government computers and have, as of this writing, not been detected by the government. The last message I got stated that the hacker was very close to breaching a part of the network that contained filtering equipment and computers and would be working to restore access to sites like Twitter/Yahoo Messenger.

While I cannot confirm the truth of this story beyond doubt, I have seen enough credible evidence provided by this person to believe what they are telling me is true. If it is, we might be very close to a turning point in the Iranian protest. This might be a major event.

I will update this blog and Twitter as soon as I know more. For now, pray that this is true and, if it is, pray for the hackers safety. Such boldness would be met with death for treason.