Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitterberry 0.9 Review

If you're both a Blackberry and a Twitter user, chances are you've come across a handy little program called TwitterBerry. TwitterBerry is a fast, small, easy way to post updates to and read updates from your friends on Twitter right on your Blackberry smartphone. While there are other Twitter clients for the Blackberry out there, TwitterBerry seems to be the best I've found and handles tweeting in a sensible way. It even allows you to upload and share pictures via the TwitPic service which is great for sharing those 'on-the-go' moment with friends and family.

Recently, Orangatame Software, released the new 0.9 beta version of TwitterBerry and, I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Not only does it sport new features, but it also has a vastly improved user interface (one that actually works well on the Blackberry 8900), support for new services like uploading pics to yFrog, and seems to run a bit faster on the same hardware. There's also a slew of bug fixes in this release that, overall, make it a good candidate for the next release of TwitterBerry.

Of course, with all the new fixes and features, there's bound to be a few bugs and TwitterBerry's bugs can be very frustrating. Often, uploading media to either yFrog or TwitPic fails even when connected to the WiFi network, the timelines sometimes won't refresh, and the application will bring your whole device to a screeching halt that requires a reboot sometimes because of doing nothing more than resending a failed tweet. Backgrounding the application often doesn't work either which is particularly annoying for me as I enjoy having quick access to my most used applications.

Over all, I think the new TwitterBerry beta is strong but still has a little way to go before it's as stable as the current 0.8 version. Still, if you're willing to put up with the occasional problems mentioned above, I'd recommend you head to Orangatame and give the new software a try. TwitterBerry still is the cream of the crop for all your Blackberry twitter needs and this upcoming release is going to kick ass.


La Belle Mere UK said...

I have a BlackBerry that is supplied by work so won't let me browse. Don't suppose you know of any links to a free proxy server that will allow me over-ride the block?