Monday, May 18, 2009

So just what is FrontlineSMS and how can it be used?

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Most of you who follow this blog know that, in my off time, I'm working with a local community group to deploy an SMS text messaging system that will connect domestic abuse victims with those that can help them get out.

A large part - an central part really - of that system is a software called FrontlineSMS. FrontlineSMS is an open source offering by UK software developer Ken Banks and a small volunteer team dedicated to helping people help others through the use of mobile services.

This video, created by collaborators in both Kenya and Finland, gives a basic introduction to what FrontlineSMS is and how you can setup and use it in only a few minutes. If you're considering a community project that could utilize SMS messaging, FrontlineSMS is the perfect tool for you and couldn't be easier to use.